Christmas Tree and Gingerbread Garland

Hello lovelies, I hope you’re all doing okay on this chilly December evening!

I just thought I’d put together a little collection of (non HWD) patterns to show you how I made my Christmas Garland, which was featured on my social media this week.

I actually made the individual pieces last year and found them in a drawer last week, so you can imagine how excited I was to find them? All I had to do was assemble the garland as the ends were sewn in!

Before I go any further, I just want to reiterate that neither the pattern for the Christmas Tree nor the Gingerbread person are mine to distribute or share. I will be linking to the patterns for you to find, purchase and make yourself, but this is just a little post about how I put the two different patterns together to form my own little garland!

So I first started making the Christmas Tree Garland Pattern by Lilleliss. I made 2 in Stylecraft Special DK ‘Pistachio’ and 2 in Stylecraft Special DK ‘Meadow’. I couldn’t decide between the colours at the time, but I’m actually quite glad I went with 2 shades.

The Christmas Tree Garland – pattern and picture by Lilleliss

At this point I think I was only intending on making a Christmas Tree Garland, but I remember wanting something to spruce it up a little.

That’s when I came across  the Crochet Gingerbread Man Cookie Pattern by Repeat Crafter Me. It was such a cute, fun and easy pattern to make, AND IT’S FREEEEEE! It was absolutely perfect for what I wanted, especially as I chose to leave the Gingerbread person bare. I made three Gingerbread people with Stylecraft Special DK in ‘Camel’

The Crochet Gingerbread Man Cookie Pattern – pattern and photo by Repeat Crafter Me

So I laid the 7 pieces out and it looked SO CUTEEEE.

Because I’d used 100% acrylic yarn, the lovely little fellas needed to be blocked and stiffened. So I dunked them all in a 60/40 water/PVA mix, gave them a gentle squeeze and pinned them out on an old towel. They took a couple of days to properly dry but it worked fabulously – they’re stiff without being crispy (ew).

4 Christmas Trees and 3 Gingerbread people

I really liked how the garland was looking so far, but I needed to add more pieces to make it a good length. So, being the little lazy thing I am, I opted for pom poms!

The colours I chose for this project were fairly neutral, so I stuck to using Stylecraft Special DK in ‘White’ and ‘Dark Brown’ to make my poms. I made four of each colour and alternated the colours between each crocheted piece.

Now, it was time for joining. I used garden twine, which is hard on the fingers but looks so rustic and lovely.

To begin, I created a slip knot and chained 16.

I then worked a UK dc into the strand of yarn around the pom pom (it’s a bit fiddly and tends to dislodge other strands so your pom pom might need another trim later)

**Chain 9, work 1 dc into the top of the crocheted piece. Chain 9 and work 1 dc into the pom pom. **

Repeat from ** to ** until you’ve worked 1 dc into your last pom pom. Chain 16, cut and knot to secure!

Finished garland

Done! It’s as simple as that.

I hope you enjoyed this little read, and I look forward to seeing your Christmassy makes!

Stay warm and stay safe,

Holly x

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